Combating Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault

We specialize in preventive and rehabilitative services to combat Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault

Human Trafficking


Survivor Services

Child Abuse

Human Trafficking
Survivor Services
Child Abuse

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We work by combining prevention techniques to teach, caring advocates and counseling to help begin the healing process, and resources to get you to where you want to be.

What we stand for

The C.A.S.A. Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Center Against Sexual Assault is dedicated to promoting safe and healthy relationships by:

Supporting and empowering individuals and families impacted by sexual violence.

Providing skills-based prevention, intervention and advocacy services Creating opportunities for positive change in our community.

The C.A.S.A. Vision

Our Vision
A community where relationships are based on dignity, respect, compassion and equality; where everyone feels empowered and safe.

The C.A.S.A. Values

Our Values

As an organization, we believe:

Ending sexual violence is a community responsibility

All individuals should be treated with respect

In maintaining the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality

Education can effect change in attitudes and behaviors

In meeting the needs of all members of our community by deliberately addressing sexual violence and all other forms of oppression

In serving as leaders for positive change through advocacy and collaboration with community partners

In promoting peace and non-violence for a better life