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1Why do you need money in private donations if you have Grant money?

C.A.S.A., just like any grant-funded organization is generally required to spend money before we can receive the funds from a grant. For instance, we might have a $1 million dollar grant that we have been awarded, but we don't have enough money to access the funds quickly or in large chunks because we do not have enough general fund money at that time to spend up front.

We are vigilant in monitoring and responsibly managing our financials, but we often need private donations in order to have the greatest impact. Private donations are not frivolously spent - they allow us to access larger amounts of grants, and help more survivors in multiple ways. This ranges from education to advocacy to resources and transitional help.

The short answer is this: Private donations that go into the general operating fund are NEVER wasted, and they are incredibly important to being able to meet our goals and help more people.

We have a long history of being financially responsible with private donations and ensuring that we utilizing these funds to support our overall goals.

Not all private donations go towards Grant spending. Private donations allow us to innovate in our space by providing new solutions to problems in our sector.

We invite all of our private donors, foundations, corporations or individuals to view our "What we would like to fund" page to see opportunities that can be accomplished by donating money to our organization.

2Are Grants limited?

Grants are almost ALWAYS limited in their scope as to what can be done with the funding.

This means we must adhere to the specific requirements of the grant, including any reporting or compliance functionalities.

We seek grants because it helps us to achieve our goal of specific impacts in the communities we serve.

Grants should be used in harmony with private donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and bequests to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Without the generosity of our private donors with funds going into general funds, we would not be able to utilize any grant to its fullest extent from a monetary perspective.

3Which Grants do you operate under?
We operate under the following CAL-OES Grants:
4What can you not do with Grant Money?

We are not allowed to do certain things with grant money.

Generally most state and federal grants, and most foundation or privately structured and funded grants prohibit us from the following:

  • Using grant money to fundraise or pay grant writers
  • Buying real property or legacy assets
  • Membership Dues
  • Political Action campaigns or lobbying
  • Professional licensing
  • Investments
Most of these make sense, but some of these things are necessary expenses. We CANNOT use grants to fund these initiatives, so we are reliant upon public/private donors to help us reach our goals by providing generous donations that allow us to cover some of these operational expenses.

Running a non-profit is a complex task at times, with a big portion of our capabilities being laid at the collective feet of our volunteers and donors in the communities we serve.

We adhere to the compliance protocols of our grants and look to our donors to help us fill in the gaps. We are proud to have such loyal donors and generous gifting in our community.

5I am a Foundation/Organization that has a Grant you might be interested in

We are always interested in grants that serve the people we are geared to help.

We invite you to contact us with information on your grant, or grants you hear of which might be available to us.

We are constantly innovating to keep up with the changing demands of the sector we specialize in. New grants in the segments of anti-human-trafficking, child abuse services, rape crisis, sexual assault, educational awareness, outreach, advocacy, women's health, women's services, transitional housing or community health arenas are generally where we feel best able to make an impact with funding.

We appreciate your contribution.

6How can we know if you are performing to grant standards?

We are required to report quarterly or more often for most of our grants.

We have adhered to compliance and audit requests since our inception and have an excellent track record for performance.

You may look at the specific grants under which we operate to determine what the reporting and compliance rules are. This may give you a better grasp on our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standard of excellence from an process and financial perspective.

We are proud to be excellent stewards of public, private and governmental money and resources.

We strive to be as transparent as possible. And we have aboard structured in a way that we can ensure all aspects from legal compliance to financial responsibility, to community needs are being met with exactness.

General Questions for Donors

1Are you a 501(c)3 Organization?

We are a non profit organization organized under 501(c)3 regulations.

We have enjoyed continual status as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization since our inception in December 1984.

2Is my donation tax deductible?

We cannot give legal or tax advice. we advise that you speak with your tax and legal professionals to determine if a specific contribution will be tax deductible or tax advantaged to you.

Generally, if your donation is in accordance with charitable donation laws, we do function as a non profit entity under the provisions of IRS 501(c)3, and therefore applicable donations would be potentially deductible.

3Can I earmark my donation for a specific project or person?

We operate in a growing number of specific service areas. As such we cannot guarantee that general fund donations can be 100% attributed to a specific project.

If you have a specific project you would like to fund on a large scale, we can provide such considerations.

However you have every right to request that we earmark your donation for a specific reason, and we will attempt to do so.

4How much is an appropriate donation?

Every donation helps to progress us towards our goals.

We cannot determine what might be appropriate for you to gift to our organization.

In the past we have been generously gifted donations in a wide variety of formats and in amounts ranging from $25 to more than $25,000.

We appreciate any contribution you would make towards furthering our reach and capabilities. Thank you for your consideration!

5Can I donate my services?

Yes you may donate services.

Please be aware that some services may not be able to be put to good use. This is for a variety of reasons. Possibly, we already have a donation of services in your service category. Perhaps we cannot adequately utilize your services because of our specific needs. Each service offering donation would be evaluated on a case by case basis.

We invite you to email us to determine if we can utilize your service offering, along with the terms and conditions you need to have in order to engage with C.A.S.A. You may email us through our contact us page:

While we cannot guarantee your services can be used, we appreciate your consideration and generosity.

6Can my children volunteer?
We love to work with children to foster a mentality of civic duty and charitable giving.

It is however, often not appropriate due to the nature of the work we do to receive volunteer work from children.

The type of work we specialize in may or may not be a good fit for youth volunteers.

We do however, have community events where your youth aged children can participate and volunteer. Throughout the year, these events may offer such opportunities. We invite you to contact us via the following email, to determine if your youth are a good fit for volunteer work.

It is worth noting: we are consistently performing outreach and educational services to youth in the areas we operate. We can assure you, the educational and outreach programs we offer in such public settings as schools and clubs or other organizations are geared towards, and appropriate for youth attendees. You may desire to set up such an opportunity and help with volunteer work associated with those events. Please contact us if so.

Volunteer FAQ'S

1I want to help, but I'm new to this type of non-profit work.

That's great! We are happy to guide you through the process.

Advocates are exceptionally valuable to our work and we are constantly in need of advocate volunteers.

If you are interested in advocate specific work, the information can be found here:ADVOCATE VOLUNTEERS

If you are interested in general volunteer work, please note, we don't always have an immediate need for general volunteers, but if you submit your information on our contact page form we will keep your name on our volunteer list and contact you accordingly.

You may also consider contacting us based on a calendar event you see, and offer help for that specific event. Please contact us at the following email:

2I would like to be on the Board.

Generally Board Members are selected by invitation only.

However, if you feel you are a particularly well suited volunteer, and have prior board experience, you may submit your CV to the following email:

Our board members take the work they do very seriously and spend countless hours ensuring the financial, compliance, legal and planning aspects of the organization are well taken care of and in a healthy state.

Being on a Non-Profit board is a labor of love and it is an important part to the operational capabilities of any non-profit.

We are consistently looking for exceptional additions to our board and our advisory board to help progress the mission of C.A.S.A. The Center for Restoring the Heart.

Because of the importance of the board positions, we utilize a heavy vetting process that ensures the best talent is part of our board as we move forward.

3I want to have my organized group help.

Because of the individualized nature of the type of work that we do, it is often difficult to include groups, especially youth groups into the volunteer process.

That said, it is possible to have groups help us with fundraising events, public events and awareness.

With regard to awareness, we appreciate adherence to our public protocols, which can be found here.

We occasionally will need general labor volunteer work and group involvement as we have specific projects being implemented. If you have a desire for this type of contribution please submit your information to the following email address:

Thanks! We are looking forward to working with your group.

4I want to submit an idea that can help C.A.S.A.

We welcome all feedback on our operational protocols, suggestions for improvement and ideas for innovation.

The best way to send such information is through this email address:

We appreciate your contribution.

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