Get Help For Someone You Love

For Someone You Love

For Friends, Family and those in a position of Trust You have the power to…
…be a First Responder

The support and understanding of friends, family members and people in a position of trust can be very helpful to a survivor of sexual violence. It is important to let the survivor know right away that you care and want to help.

There are some specific things you can do that can positively influence a survivor’s healing process:

Ensure they are in a safe place and are not in need of medical attention, if either is not the case encourage them to call 911.

Listen to the survivor and protect their privacy.

Tell them “It’s not your fault” and “I believe you”.

Empower them to make their own choices.

Consider reviewing Reporting Options with the survivor in the GET HELP for Yourself section.

Let them know there is HOPE.

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