How We Can Help You

REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE! C.A.S.A. is here to support you should you decide to report. Although C.A.S.A. encourages reporting sexual violence to law enforcement, it is your choice! If you are considering reporting: You have a legal right (PC 679.04) to have a C.A.S.A. advocate accompany you to the appropriate law enforcement agency any time of the day or night. From there, C.A.S.A. will also provide you with advocate support at the hospital.


Wanting to wash, shower, and change clothes is natural, but please wait. If you have not done so




Take a bath or shower

Brush your teeth

Go to the bathroom


Change your clothes

Brush your hair

Eat or drink anything



As uncomfortable as you may be, if you can avoid doing any of these things, you will preserve evidence that can help convict the person who raped you. If you have already washed up, don’t worry—but don’t wash any more. If you have taken off the clothes you were wearing when you were assaulted, put them in a clean shopping bag and take them with you to the hospital.


After the forensic exam is completed and if you give permission, a C.A.S.A. advocate will be following up with you to offer additional services, resources and support. REMEMBER YOU HAVE OPTIONS IT IS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE If you are not sure if it is a reportable incident, C.A.S.A. can help you understand your future options. If this is a trauma from the past, C.A.S.A. can help you with crisis intervention and counseling services.

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